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What GMF DealerSource Can Do for You

GM Dealer Exclusives Grounding Dealer Exclusives Floorplan Dealer Exclusives
Exclusive GM dealer-only access
First access to GM Company Car and Rental and GM Financial Off-Lease vehicles
Access to upcoming lease maturities
First right of refusal on grounding vehicles
Reduced Buy Fees

How It Works

We provide the tools you need to get the vehicles you want.

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Access hundreds of vehicles available near you, from GM Canada Company Car and Rental vehicles to GM Financial Off-Lease inventory.



Use the Maturity Viewer to track upcoming lease maturities and help identify early-cycle opportunities.



Use the GMF DealerSource app to ground your customer's leased vehicle or from your desktop using the End-of-Term Options tool.

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Use the 'Retail View' to display useful information to potential customers who are interested in purchasing pre-owned GM vehicles.

Latest GMF DealerSource Updates

  • Updated Dealer Payoff Quote expiration – Select ‘Option 1’ during the End-of-Term process to view same-day Dealer Payoff Quote expiration.
  • Generate a Dealer Payoff Quote – Generate a Dealer Payoff Quote to print by selecting 'Click to Print Dealer Payoff Quote and Address.'
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