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Dealer Training

Today's automotive business is more demanding than ever. Let GM Financial's Dealer Training team help prepare your staff to exceed customer expectations. Drawing on real world experience, the GM Financial Lease Workshop will help you conquer the challenges you face every day and give your staff the knowledge and confidence to successfully sell leasing as an alternative financing solution.

During GM Financial's Lease Workshop, your staff will:

  • Develop a complete understanding of how a lease works
  • Gain the ability to communicate the benefits of leasing
  • Be able to generate customer interest in leasing without discussing price and payment
  • Discover how to properly present leasing to a customer and how to have the customer ask you for a lease
  • Build the confidence to overcome common lease objections
  • Develop a successful long term management strategy
  • Create a quick and profitable process to present leasing

For successful dealers, leasing is more than an alternative form of financing; it's an opportunity to generate a steady stream of repeat and referral customers. Training is offered onsite at your dealership or off site with multiple dealerships. For more information, contact your Account Representative.

GM Financial's Near prime Workshop focuses on approaching near prime consumers through a modern lens, including identifying and understanding who is near prime and why; benefits of engaging near prime customers; and strategies for integrating a near prime focus into the dealership's sales processes. Many successful dealers are realizing the importance of maximizing these opportunities by paying attention to the near prime demographic, understanding their needs, and learning more about this type of consumer.

During GM Financial's Near prime Workshop, your staff will:

  • Learn about the benefits of growing a near prime customer base
  • Understand what lenders are looking for
  • Integrate near prime consumers into the existing sales process
  • Increase sales and BDC customer contact and show rates
  • Identify the near prime customer's needs and select the right vehicle
  • Overcome common objections from near prime customers
  • Develop strategies to enhance the overall buying experience
  • Learn how to improve customer satisfaction index (CSI) scores
  • Discuss management best practices
  • Identify methods for traditional and digital advertising designed to maximize exposure
  • Explore inventory selection and management
  • Create an action plan for sustained success

Near prime consumers want an enhanced car buying experience where they're given options and personal advice throughout the sales process. Let the team at GM Financial help you become these customers' trusted partner.

For more information, please contact your Account Representative.