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GM Financial’s elite sales are sizzling through the summer

GM Financial’s elite sales are sizzling through the summer

From On the Block, September 2016

GM Financial Summer Lanes

When it came time to select host auctions for this year’s elite sales, the GM Financial remarketing operations team considered a range of factors. Inventory volume, geography and buyer retention were all variables that were carefully reviewed.

Elite sales have a reputation for packing top inventory into a single sale, offering dealers the opportunity to select from hundreds of GM Financial’s best pre-owned Company Car, Rental and Off-Lease vehicles at one location. They’re fun, fast-paced and super-sized. And, if the lure of exclusive access to top-notch inventory isn’t enough, elite sales boast exciting prize packages and giveaways for dealers, like transportation assistance, vacations and even a Buick Enclave.

“Elite sales provide an opportunity for GM Financial to offer a larger-than-typical offering of vehicles to existing and new buyers alike,” Brad Bollman, VP Remarketing U.S. Operations, said. “The marketing and promotional events between participating auctions and GM Financial have been successful in bringing in a large number of buyers, the success of which shows in the results.”

This summer, GM Financial has brought its unique sales packed with premium inventory to ADESA Dallas, Southern Auto Auction, Manheim Detroit, Columbus Fair Auto Auction, ADESA Minneapolis and is headed to Manheim Statesville on Sept. 20.

An Independent Perspective: Sizzle and Substance

What really makes elite sales come alive for dealers is some of the ways participating auctions stamp sales with their own auction brand. Through creative marketing campaigns, clever inlane announcements and exciting dealer events, host auctions have been getting in the elite sale spirit.

Garrison Hudkins, Vice President at Southern Auto Auction, helped the SAA team drive dealers to lane by engaging with customers and consignors and thinking strategically about how to deliver great experiences for both.

“A couple factors made this a great sale for us,” Hudkins shared. “First, we’re lucky to have the staff and buyers we do—both sets of constituents remain important and valued to both our consignors and to SAA. Second, we have a wonderful relationship with GM Financial. I think one thing that really works is that they trust that we know our buyer base. We ask GM Financial to share ideas that have worked in the past and let us customize those ideas for our customers. GM Financial listens to our feedback, and we work together to find the best ideas from both sides. For the elite sale, we set up interactive and engaging competitions and shared a great meal with our customers, because that’s something we would want to do ourselves That’s what made our dealer event so successful.”

But success isn’t only measured in fun and games. There’s strategy involved too.

“It’s not all sizzle. There’s absolutely substance involved,” Hudkins observed. “This year even more so, because we really thought strategically about our marketing plans. With the large volume of lease returns in the Northeast, we realized that with great inventory and great customers, we could collaborate with our consignors to package the inventory and customer base into a strong program. We planned our GM Financial program around the elite sale in May and focused our promotions for the month around their inventory and their value as a consignor.”

Elite Sales Head up North

After years of successful elite sales in the U.S., Remarketing took the model up north this summer. GM Financial held a three-city elite sale tour in Canada, which kicked off in May at Manheim Montreal, hit Manheim Toronto in June and wrapped up in July at ADESA Halifax.

“Elite sales offer us a unique way to offer a large volume of GM product to dealers at one location,” said John Paonessa, GM Financial VP Canada Remarketing. “Canadian dealers recognize that there’s something special about these sales, and they have responded favorably.”

Winter Sales Still to Come

And, don’t worry if you haven’t yet experienced an elite sale. After the first round of sales wrap up in September, GM Financial will launch a three-city encore tour, stopping in ABC St. Louis, Manheim Nashville and Manheim Nevada through the end of the year. To join the action and enter to win prizes, register at